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Cobra SPX6655 IVT Review

The Cobra SPX 6655 IVT is the latest radar detector in the market, released by well-known Cobra brand. The device comes with state-of-art technology to ensure you don't miss any alerts, also not get any false alerts. Read further our Cobra SPX6655 IVT Review to explore more about this new

Whistler CR97 Review

The well-known radar detector maker Whistler recently released its new model CR97, which is an upgraded version of its top selling CR90 model. If you're looking for a 360-degree protection with excellent sensitivity to police laser, this Whistler CR97 Review could help you to see if this product meets your needs. The

Cobra Electronics RAD450 Review

Escape from all latest technology Radar and Laser guns in a easy way and never bother about false alarms with the new Cobra RAD 450. Here is a quick Cobra Electronics RAD450 review to explore features and performance of this cute radar detector.

Whistler XTR-420 Radar Detector Review

The Whistler XTR-420 one good product we recently reviewed. The well known brand frequently bringing up good quality radar detects in to the market with advanced features. This latest model looks good and comes with impressive specifications. Let's see whether is model upholds the legacy of Whistler's quality and performance. Whistler XTR-420