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Top 7 Best Radar Detectors Below $100

Buying a best quality Radar detector from reliable brand costs you anywhere between $350-$500. What if we find few good products that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, also offers decent performance and features compared to a premium radar detector. Here is our list and short reviews on 7 best radar detectors that costs you below $100 and doesn’t compromise on performance.

Whistler CR70 Laser Radar Detector

There are many unbranded cheap radar detectors available in the market today that costs you well below $40. If you can stretch invest $30-$40 extra, you can still find few budget friendly models from reliable brands. Whistler CR70 is one such radar detector, which is selling hot in the market. The device comes with 360-degree Maxx coverage to sense from front, sides and rear. It supports all four speed measurement bans viz. K band, X band, Super Wide Ka Band and Laser protection. Read more in our detailed Whistler CR70 Review..

Cobra RAD 250 Laser Radar Detector

Cobra is another well-known brand in the radar detector market. The brand has over 30 years of experience in making high quality radar detection devices. RAD 250 is one budget friendly model from the renowned brand to attract first time buyers. This model detects all radar signals (X, K and Ka bands), laser and VG-2 signals, from both front and rear. The long range Cobra RAD 250 also comes with False Alert IVT Filter, so you hear only what is necessary while you drive. Read More..

Uniden DFR1

Uniden is another reliable player in the market with few hot selling premium models. The DFR1 is its entry level log range radar and laser detector that comes with 360° Protection. The model comes with Easy-to-Read color icon display and signal strength meter. This low priced model doesn’t features voice alert and false alarm filter. Read more..

Radar Detector V7

Though the V7 radar detector is one of the cheapest model available in the market the, the device looks and feels premium. The model also doens’t compromise anything on features and performance. It comes with advanced digital signal processing, support 360-degree full-band scanning, detects conventional and instant-on X-band, K-band, superwide Ka-band with high accuracy. The V7 also sports false alarm filter and voice alert. Read User Reviews..

Cobra XRS 9880

Cobra XRS 9880 is one more best and low cost model from the market leader. The model comes with a trendy look and compact design. The device detects 6 radar signals: X band, K band, KA super wide, KU band detection, VG-2, spectre 1. Also 4 laser signals: LTI 20-20, ultra lyre, prolaser and prolaserIII. Cobra XRS 9880 radar detector supports 360 degrees detection, and has voice alert feature. Read more..

Radar Detector E8

The E8 Radar detector is one more budget-friendly, unbranded model that comes with decent built-quality and features. The model comes with 360 Degree detection, Voice alert and icon color display with numeric signal strength indication. The device also features city or highway modes, which you can choose to reduce the false frequency detection and alarm. Read more about E8 Radar detector..


The 16 band V7 radar detector model also comes with various re-branding like RICHOYBAN, Romatpretty, RICHOYY and HOLDJOVEMK. If you’re tight on budget and don’t want to buy above listed models Cobra or Whistler, this could be a best radar detector for you. The V7 model comes with Extreme Range Super heterodyne technology and super-fast sweep circuitry that offers extra detection range and best possible advance alert. The device supports 360 degree laser detection, comes with Voice Alert and Car Speed Alarm System. Read more..

There are many low-cost radar detector models in the market that comes with boasting specification, but not all the products are worth buying. And, premium models from top brands cost you over $350. If you’re looking for a best radar detector at an affordable price, we would recommend choosing any of the budget-friendly models listed above.

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