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Escort Passport S55 Review

Are you looking for a decent Radar and Laser detector at an affordable price? The latest Escort PASSPORT S55 is one of the most advanced device on the market today that got many positive reviews. The device provides long-range alert on all bands of Radar and Laser. For complete Escort PASSPORT S55 Review, read further.

This advanced Radar and Laser detector comes with enhanced “V-Tuned” receiver that ensures extreme long-range warning on all radar models that includes X-band, K-band, ans Super-Wide Ka-band.

Its patented Auto-Sensitivity mode intelligently recognizes other radar sources and filters out false alerts.The device also sports Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Traffic Signal rejection (TSR) software that avoids false alarms and gives highly reliable warnings.

Coming to the laser detection, the device posses multiple high-performance sensors powered with top-class off-axis protection technology. The Passport S55 offers maximum laser warnings with highest accuracy. This plug-and-play Radar/Laser detector is ready to use right out of the box. The device shows reading in three display modes; Conventional Bar Graph, exclusive ExpertMeter, and innovative SpecDisplay that shows key details at a glance. Its display panel employs 280 high-intense LEDs, closely packed to provide crystal-clear, easily readable texts and alerts.

Another key feature in Escort Passport S55 is ESCORT Live compatibility, the device is compatible with Escort live that provides an exclusive real-time alerts received by the device and also reported by other users in the area. The technology also provides local speed limit details for over-speed check.

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