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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Car Radar Detector

A good car radar detector helps to precisely detect radar signals emitted by speed cameras, police radar guns and other speed detection devices. With the increasing number of speed cameras and police speed traps, a reliable radar detector has become an essential tool for many drivers who want to avoid getting a speeding ticket. However, with tons of different types, models and brands of car radar detectors available in the market today, it can be very challenging to choose the right one that meets your needs. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive car radar detector selection guide to help you make an informed decision.

Types of Radar Detectors

Guide to Buying the Best Car Radar Detector

The first step in choosing a right radar detector is to understand the different types available. There are three main types of radar detectors: corded, cordless and remote mount.

Corded radar detectors are typically mounted on the windshield or dashboard and connected to the car’s power source. They provide the most advanced features, but they are not portable and can be slightly challenging to install.

Cordless radar detectors are battery-operated and can be easily moved from one car to another. They are more convenient to use but they may not have the same level of sensitivity as corded detectors.

Remote mount radar detectors are installed permanently in the car, with the control unit mounted on the dashboard and the radar sensors mounted on the front and rear of the car. They provide the most advanced features and are the most discreet, as you can expect, they are also the most expensive.

Detection Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a radar detector refers to its ability to detect radar signals at a distance. A more sensitive radar detector will be able to detect radar signals from a greater distance, giving you more time to slow down and avoid a speeding ticket.

When choosing a radar detector, look for models that have a high sensitivity rating. Most radar detectors available on the market today have a sensitivity rating of more than 10 dB.

Detection Range

The range of a radar detector refers to the maximum distance at which it can detect signals. A longer range can give you more time to react to a speed trap and slow down your car before you get caught.

When choosing a radar detector, look for models that have a long range. The range of radar detector can vary depending on type of radar signal it is designed to detect. For example, some radar detectors are designed to detect only X-band radar signals, which have a shorter range compared to Ka-band signals.

False Alarm Filtering

One of the biggest frustrating thing with radar detectors is false alarms. False alarms can be caused by a variety of factors, including automatic door openers, traffic control systems and other radar detectors.

When choosing a radar detector, look for models that have advanced false alarm filtering features. Some radar detectors like ESCORT MAX 3, use GPS technology to filter out false alarms based on your location, while others like COBRA RAD 480i use digital signal processing (DSP) technology to filter out false alarms based on their signal characteristics.

Display Size

The display of a radar detector is an important factor to consider when choosing a model. A good display should be easy to read and provide clear information about the radar signals detected.

When choosing a radar detector, look for models that have a large, bright display with clear information about the type of radar signal detected, its strength, and its location. Escort MAX 360c MKII is a good one to take a look at.


The price tag of a radar detector can vary widely depending on the features it offers and brand name. Entry-level models can be found for less than $100, while top-end models with advanced features can costs over $1,000. When choosing a radar detector, consider your budget and the features you need. Look out for models that provide good value for money and has got all the features you need without breaking the bank.

Final words

Choosing the right car radar detector requires careful consideration of several factors such as the type of radar detector, sensitivity, range, false alarm filtering, display and price. Hope this article helped you to know what to look for while choosing a right radar detector. Remember that a radar detector is not a license to over speed, and you should always obey traffic laws and drive responsibly. A radar detector should be used as a tool to help you stay within the speed limit and avoid costly tickets. With the right radar detector, you can drive with more confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you have an extra layer of protection against speed traps and police radar guns.

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