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Cobra SPX955IVT Review

Are radar detectors still useful? Is radar detector is an outdated technology? There are many such questions in people’s mind now. But the Automotive-radar detection technology getting smarter and smarter everyday and Cobra SPX 995 IVT is one such example. Here is Cobra SPX955IVT Review to detail how this product stands out from crowd.

The well-known brand in radar detection devices, Cobra brings out all its 30 years experience in the latest SPX 955 IVT. The device features Ultra bright display, maximum range detection, switches-on in quick time, ensures very few false alerts, and what else someone expect from a radar detector.

The SPC995IVT also makes voice alerts, you don’t have to look at the display now-and-then, helps you to focus on driving. This latest radar detector also has doubles the detection range and quick warning time compared to previous models from Cobra.

Its advanced In-vehicle technology filter (IVT) eliminates most false alerts from coming from collision avoidance systems and other proximity sensors. It also features 360 degree LaserEye detection technology to ensure you have a tension free drive.

Overall the latest Cobra SPX955IVT comes with cutting-edge technology to assist you on the road. The price tag for this product is set so attractive that anyone will buy without a second thought, as couple of fines could match its price.

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