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Whistler XTR-420 Radar Detector Review

The Whistler XTR-420 one good product we recently reviewed. The well known brand frequently bringing up good quality radar detects in to the market with advanced features. This latest model looks good and comes with impressive specifications. Let’s see whether is model upholds the legacy of Whistler’s quality and performance.

Whistler XTR-420 assures use of all state-of-art technologies to make your journey tension free. The device is capable of detecting signals from all radar, laser, VG-2 and safety radar systems from all directions. It senses all four radar bands (X, K, and Ka bands) with highest sensitivity. The device is equipped with high gain optical lens for enhanced sensitivity and field of view for accurate laser sensing. With its patented pop mode 360 Degree Protection, missing a radar detection is highly impossible.

Recently VG-2 detectors are used by police, which detects the signals sent from vehicle’s radar detectors. The Whistler XTR-420 has got patented VG-2 cloaking technology, which keeps your device undetectable by VG-2.

The Whistler XTR-420 has got decently bright icon display which is easy-to-read, it shows power, City/Highway mode, radar band identification and signal strength. The device is also powered by Low Profile Alert Periscopes, which flashes two LED lights to render visual alerts. This model also provides clear audio warnings on Highway mode.

On Highway mode, the device increases its sensitivity for laser and radar detection and provides complete audio and visual alerts. On City mode, the Whistler XTR-420 avoids false alerts picked from automatic door openers and burglar alarms, this feature really keeps your mind cool.

Another cool feature we must point out is its Stay Alert feature. It tests driver’s alertness on long drives and ensures highest safety. Few other features, users may find them useful are its Dim/Dark Mode, Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes, Preset Alert priority, personalized settings saver and Auto Shut Off Mode.

This Battery-powered radar/laser detector provide close to 15 hours of laser/radar detection on three rechargeable batteries (comes in the box). The packing also includes a power cord, Windshield Mount and user manual.

Overall, the Whistler XTR-420 Battery-powered radar/laser detector is a good choice for reliable, hassle free driving on highways and cities. If you frequently change cars or go for car rentals, this battery operated radar detector will come very handy.

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