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Xgody 5 Inch Portable Car GPS Navigation Review

New and stylish 5 inch car GPS navigation device has been newly launched by Xgody. The latest Xgody 5 Inch portable car GPS device comes with a good quality display unit and accurate navigation system. Here is our Xgody 5 Inch GPS device review to help you find out its features and decide on buying. 

The model comes with basic functions like GPS locating and tracking, voice commanded navigation, USB storage and playback support, touch screen controls, FM transmitter and built-in battery which lasts for a hour.

The touchscreen display quality (Resolution 480*272) of this device is not as good as a full HD tablet, but good enough for a car navigation display. We could say, considering the price of the product, the display quality is better than many other low cost devices.

The Xgody 5 Inch GPS device (Model 560) comes with a rechargeable battery, which lasts about an hour’s use and automatically charges when the car is moving. The 1500mAh battery is provided for video playback and recorded navigation playback while the car is at halt.

The device is powered by MediaTek MT3351 processor, which is quite fast to offer smooth functioning of the device. The GPS positioning of the device is also quite accurate compared to other cheaper GPS navigation devices we reviewed in past.

The model sports standard and mini USB ports for GPS data recording and media playback. It also has got built-in 4GB Internal Memory. This Xgody device can playback all kinds of media file formats including text files. The device can easily be dismantled from the suction mounting and can be used as a tablet to read ebooks. The unit comes with pre-loaded maps of America, including Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Colombia and Chili.

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