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Whistler CR70 Laser-Radar Detector Review

If you’re spending money on Radar detector, Whistler is one good maker you can trust. The latest model CR70 from the company has got very good features and getting good reviews from its users. Let’s see in our review, how this model stands against its rivals.

This Laser-Radar Detector comes with Real Voice Alerts and Traffic Flow Signal Rejection. The technology inside assists in getting rid of false alerts from radar supported traffic flow sensors.

The Whistler CR70 comes with state-of-art technologies to make your drive tension free. The model detects Laser Atlanta Stealth mode, Laser Ally and the latest LTI Truspeed S and also has got built-in modern POP Mode speed sensing capabilities that react to short bursts of radar.

The CR70 supports all four speed measurement bans viz. K band, X band, Super Wide Ka Band  and Laser protection. Also, this monster unit has 360-degree Maxx coverage to sense from front, sides and rear.

One of the useful feature we feel is, based on modes selected and bands received, the device gives verbal Real Voice Alerts. Model has a quiet mode to silence audio alerts. The Whistler CR70 also has unique Stay Alert feature which measure your alertness on long trips and assures maximum safety.

The device automatically shuts off unit if not in use, to save your vehicle’s battery. The model has a memory to store your personalized settings and automatically re-tunes if the device is restarted.

The laser radar detector also renders clear visual alert of detected signals. You can set brightness of the device the required level, even with maximum brightness we didn’t find this distracting driving.

After spending time with this product, we feel, Whistler CR70 Laser Radar detector is one another good product we tested. If you’re looking for a reliable radar detector at affordable price, Whistler CR70 could be one in your wishlist.

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