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Pyle PLCM7500 Review

Here is a complete package if you’re looking for parking solution. Well known brand Pyle has released a combo pack with includes all essential device for safe parking and backup recording.

Here is a brief review of devices you get with this cool combo offer.

The combo offer includes Pyle PLCM7500 display unit. This 7″ LED monitor does multiple functions based on your needs. You can use this monitor as media player, rear parking camera display unit or live preview display for backup dashcam recorder.

The display automatically starts when you are backing your vehicle and stops itself after backing. It acts like an extra eye to safeguard your valuable car with parking damages.

Essential cables are included in the pack to connect the display to car DVD player and use the monitor as media player. Two video inputs are provided in the Pyle PLCM7500 to support both camera input and DVD input.

A suction cup provided in the kit for mounting the display unit. The holder is not something like cheap we have seen before. It feels strong and long lasting. Easy to fix on windshield and adjust the angle. A good quality wireless remote control is included in the box.

This combo kit includes a rear view camera. The camera is waterproof and has got decent low-light-vision capability, works well even at 0.2 lux. The cam is coupled on a premium looking universal mount bracket.

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