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Kenwood eXcelon DDX9903S and DNX893S Review – Which one to go for?

Kenwood eXcelon DNX893S ReviewIn January, 2016, Kenwood revamped their product line with 8 different Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-ready receivers. While this is particularly good for someone who has a lot of taste and understanding for their car’s receivers, but others would just scratch their heads, due to the mere physical similarities between the two. In today’s review, we will be highlighting the key features and difference between the Kenwood eXcelon DDX9903S and eXcelon DNX893S.

What’s the major difference between the eXcelon DDX9903S and eXcelon DNX893S?

There is one major difference in these two look-alike car receivers, and that is of the navigation option. The Kenwood eXcelon DNX893S has an advanced navigation system equipped with Garmin Navigation Software and 2 years of INRIX data services that provide real-time traffic information, fuel services, parking, weather, etc. And of course, it is expensive than DDX9903S.

Product Highlight: What’s similar?

  • Advanced Panel and New GUI: eXcelon series from Kenwood have an exceptional and crystal clear 6.95-inch capacitive Touch Panel display, with high contrast ratio and vivid text that’s comfortably readable in the brightest sunlight. The widget screen is easy to use with screen swipe that gives you access to a lot of apps.
  • iDataLink Maestro RR compatible: This Kenwood receiver when connected with an iDatalink Maestro RR, can be used for Satellite Radio, Bluetooth hands-free, USB media players, and music streaming. It also provides you vehicle information like performance, HVAC, TPMS, etc.
  • Parking Guidelines: Though it is a very basic function, but a necessary feature for car parking. Both these Kenwood receivers work with any standard backup camera.
  • Dual Camera Input: The dual camera input allows for front and rear camera, but the great thing about these receivers is that you can use your rear camera for the front too, because of the receiver’s ability to reverse the image.
  • Others similarities: Both eXcelon DDX9903S and eXcelon DNX893S receivers sport diverse smartphone connectivity options like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Android Rapid Charge, Dual Phone connection, and Wireless Music browsing. Dual Phone connection is one of the most appealing features on Kenwood eXcelon series.Kenwood eXcelon DDX9903S Review


The specifications on the two aforementioned receivers are exactly same, so you can quite easily manage to see the difference with eXcelon DNX893S having an additional feature of navigation.


If you are looking forward to having these receivers for your car, there is something about the price that you should know. The Kenwood eXcelon DDX9903S is available for $XXX (Check current Price), while Kenwood eXcelon DNX893S comes at a hefty price of $XXX (Check current Price). You can also check out some other deals, but one thing that’s common for both of these receivers is that they are expensive, but if you are really up for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, go for either of them (the difference is clear to you now).

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