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Kenwood eXcelon DDX793 Review

When you talk off car stereo players, Kenwood eXcelon DDX793 stands out from the rest and has clearly set the standards high for others to try and match or compete with. Something to be noted is that Kenwood eXcelon DDX793 has been fitted with the best and latest technology around. Here is a quick review on the 2-din DVD receiver.

The first thing you notice is the 6.95″ touch screen display, which is very clear and bright. The screen also loads all media with ability to play CD’S, DVD’S and USB media devices that keeps you entertained. Kenwood eXcelon DDX793 also can deliver crystal clear phone calls and unlike its predecessor that could only have one phone connection, Kenwood eXcelon DDX793 has dual phone connection and automatic pairing for IPhone and Android.

Something to note is that as a safety measure, phone options cannot be operated when the car is moving and you have to park to enjoy this service. Kenwood eXcelon DDX793 has a radio option for Pandora internet radio, Sirius Xm, Satellite radio and Local station that broadcasts HD radio signals, which is impressive since similar products have had local stations only.

The sound is phenomenal with an in build internal amp (50 watts * 4 channels peak power output) it also has a 13 band equalizer, Built-in AM/FM tuner with 18FM/6AM presets.

Now Kenwood eXcelon DDX793 like any other product does not miss its cons, which include; it does not come with a remote and this is a con since pioneer and other products similar to Kenwood eXcelon DDX793 come with remote control. The device is compatible with Kenwood’s IR wireless remote control (you have to purchase separately) for added convenience. It also has steering wheel remote compatibility, to work with factory fitted steering controls.

Like other stereo receivers in this price band, the Kenwood eXcelon DDX793 is SiriusXM-Ready and you have to purchase the 200SXV300 satellite tuner for it to work.

Kenwood eXcelon DDX793 is a good stereo if you are looking for a durable device with useful functions. After evaluating its pros and cons, I would rate it as a product that you can use and enjoy within that price range without expecting the luxury that comes with higher price.

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