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Chaowei CW6200 Review

Chaowei CW6200 is the latest 2-DIN multimedia car receiver in the market that comes with half the price of other well-known brands. If you’re tight on budget, looking for a receiver with all the latest features and functionality, then this Chaowei CW6200 Review will help you to explore if this product meets your needs.

The device is one of the cheapest 2-DIN car stereo receiver in the market, and doesn’t sport a premium look and feel. Having said that, the model comes with all the useful features a premium branded model offers. The Chaowei features 6.2-inch TFT LCD touch screen display, easily fits in any 2-DIN dash.

Coming to features, the device offers all the basic functionalities and few high-end functions. The Chaowei CW6200 has built-in FM/AM tuner, USB input, AV input and built-in Bluetooth connectivity to keep your audio entertainment uninterrupted on the go. Apart from music streaming from your smartphones, the Bluetooth also helps in hands-free calling.

The device is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatible. With Siri and Google Assistance, you can easily voice control and make most of the functions work without lifting your hands from steering wheel. The nice thing is, the device has Map that syncs with your favorite navigation app and you ask the Siri to search the route. The latest Chaowei CW6200 also supports as rear view camera display. By adding additional Chaowei car rear view camera, the device shows you rear surroundings when put your car in reverse.

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